75 percent of b2b

Does your business struggle with understanding how and why a social media strategy can impact your company ? SOBOSSO can help!

With over 15 years of experience in marketing, digital marketing and 10 years in social media marketing, we're here to help you plan, build and execute a strategy that can grow you business.

Social Media Marketing Strategies Are Key

Just Starting Out ?

We can create a professional social presence for your business targeting the right channels for your target audience. We can also train your team to get immediate, measurable results.

Ready to Drive Leads ?

Through social media advertising you can grow and convert your audience with proper landing pages and eye-catching ads properly targeted to your buyer.

How to Engage Customers ?

The best way to get a prospect’s attention is by sharing his or her content. Everyone gets a good feeling when someone else validates what he or she is posting, and you can use this emotional response to build a relationship with your prospect.

Free Social Media Audit Available

Already leveraging social? We'll conduct a social media audit, at no charge, to ensure that you're getting the most impact out of your efforts.